Gracia Fine Arts - The Art of Francois Gracia
Artist Biography

Born in Limbe, Haiti, on December 7, 1940, Francois Gracia started painting at age 7. Gracia was influenced by his uncle Pierre, artists Marcel St Vil, the Obins, and the Wah brothers.

After been away from his native country for more than forty years, his passion for art eclipses almost everything. With a genuine visual memory and sharpness of sight, Gracia strives to keep his Caribbean country "up close and personal", so he unfolds in front of us the misfortune, the joy, the sweat, the dignity, and the history of his Haitian people. His vivid and realistic still lives, his country live scenes, his portraits, as well as his sculptures raise the admiration of art lovers and art collectors all over the world.

Gracia participated in numerous exhibits in Haiti, Switzerland, Canada, and garnished international awards in Spain and in the US. A combination of Neoclassicism, Lyrical Romanticism, and Symbolism define his artistic expression.

Besides been an avid painter, Gracia is an Ophthalmologist who completed his medical studies at the University of Sevilla, Spain. He currently lives in Baldwin, New York, United States.