Gracia Fine Arts - The Art of Francois Gracia
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Works on Canvas and Found Objects

Francois Gracia, America in Shock 911Francois Gracia, At the MarketplaceFrancois Gracia, Requiem for Amadou DialoFrancois Gracia, Confidences by the RiversideFrancois Gracia, Girl at the WellFrancois Gracia, The other side of the coin

Francois Gracia, The CatchFrancois Gracia, The Door Francois Gracia, Teaching the Osselets gameFrancois Gracia, Still LifeFrancois Gracia, Still life with Mango BaptisteFrancois Gracia, Passing the Secrets of HaitiFrancois Gracia, Treatment with Leeches IFrancois Gracia, Birthday Flowers